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Pioneer Day 2012
at Blackacre

Photos by Kathy Cummings

Blackacre’s Pioneer Day covers many eras simply because the site itself has existed for many, many years. Shortly after the the Tyler family settled in Kentucky in 1780, several of the 10 children of Edward and Nancy Tyler began settling some 17 miles east of Louisville. Moses Tyler began building on the land known as Blackacre in the 1790’s.

The extended family owned three to four farms all on adjacent land. In 1979 Judge Macauley Smith donated Blackacre to the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission in as Kentucky’s first Nature Preserve.

The 1790’s Settlers

Photos, documents and buildings from the 1800’s.


 Blackacre offers children a chance to learn about farm animals, homemaking skills such as quilting, woodworking and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Skills of today’s craftsmen and blacksmiths have changed little in the years.

Blackacre - Late 1800’s to the Early 1900’s

Music from an earlier era played by present day musicians


Photos from Blackacre Pioneer Day 2008

The Blackacre Nature Preserve and Historic Homestead is managed by the Blackacre Conservancy, a 501(c)3, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving a special piece of Kentucky's natural legacy and early settlement history for visitors of all ages. At Blackacre, nearly three hundred acres filled with rolling fields, forests, and streams surround the historic homestead, which lies at the heart of the Blackacre Nature Preserve. The preserve’s land use history integrates education, agriculture, nature and historic preservation with visitor programs, a few private residences, a neighborhood garden, and community activities.

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