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Grassy Run Rendezvous

April 24-26, 2009

Photos by Jim & Kathy Cummings

From the Oldest to the Youngest

Grassy Run is a rendezvous for all ages. This year 115 camps were set up not counting the Boy Scout camp with attendees from three different regions. The American Heritage Girls were also in attendance helping with programs for children.


We saw all ages at the Grassy Run Rendezvous including this baby who was only 17 days old and enjoying a quick nap inside her family’s tent.

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Grassy Run 2009

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The hottest ticket in town....Maggie Delaney, Indentured Servant


Since first performing her first person presentation of Maggie Delaney in February, Carol Jarboe has received numerous requests to repeat her performance.

“I was not sure how Maggie would be received in an open air venue with lots happening all around” she confided. “For after all, Maggie’s is a very, very sad story.” 

But she need not have worried. “Maggie’s story” had the same effect on this crowd as on the other’s she’s performed for. It’s a sort of initial disbelief, followed by anger and then sorrow at the lives led by indentured servants early in our American history. As always the questions from the audience came tumbling out after the performance. One woman exclaimed “how could we have missed learning about this in school?” “Because answered Jarboe, “it’s a period no one wants to remember.”

But there was a surprise for ‘Maggie’ at the end of the questions and answers as artist, ‘Doc’ Dennis Muzzy unveiled his new portrait of Carole Jarboe as Maggie Delaney. 


Link to a Newsreel clip of Maggie Delaney

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