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Thanksgiving on the Ohio Frontier

Shawnee Lookout Park

November 10th 2007

Photos By Jim Cummings

See 3 Separate Newsreels from this event

Event Newsreel
Shawnee Heritage Newsreel
Neeake - Shawnee Storyteller

Hosted by
The Society of Northwest Longhunters

Although there is a long history of giving thanks for a bountiful harvest the early settlers had no formal Thanksgiving holiday.

In the Ohio territory settlement began in 1788. Although the Indians had vowed to keep all white settlers out of this area, settlement in Columbia (an area of present day Cincinnati) began in November. Settlers working on the fort were approached by a Shawnee hunting party. The party had been unsuccessful in their hunt for game so the settlers invited them to join them in a harvest feast.

The Indians led by Chief Blackfish returned on the day of the feast with 20 men and 10 women and children. The settlers led by Captain Benjamin Stites made the visitors welcome.

The winter passed with a sense of peace among the two groups, but by April hostilities brought about a change of attitudes and a state of war existed.

Visitors to Shawnee Lookout Park near Cincinnati, Ohio had a chance to visit with members of The Society of Northwest Longhunters and sample the cooking in the historic cabin.

Both native and settler re-enactors were present along with several family groups.

Visitors stop at the herb garden out behind the cabin.

Inside was a chance to sample 18th century foodstuffs.

The Springhouse School is also located on the grounds. It dates back to 1800.

Visitors got a chance to try their hand at the butter churn.

Writings of early settler Hugh Dunn recount how his mother provided two ten gallon kettles for turkey potpie. At sundown the Indians gave a great “whoop” as they melted back into the forest.

Neeake tells traditional woodland stories to a group of children.

The rear of the cabin.

For more information on the history of
 the buildings at Shawnee Lookout

See 3 Separate Newsreels from this event

Event Newsreel
Shawnee Heritage Newsreel
Neeake - Shawnee Storyteller

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Lookout 06

Even the visitors dressed for the occasion.

Lookout 05

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