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Although this website started in March of 2003 it was on July 4th of that year that we started adding articles and stories in addition to our photo layouts. Articles were added and compiled but never indexed. One of the reasons for our ongoing “face lift” was a Table of Contents and an Index for the articles that have appeared over the last six years.

 The Pioneer Times   July 2003

Introducing the Pioneer Times Web News
The Jury Is In - A Closer Look at Juried Events
Painted Stone Settlers Prepare for 5th Year - Long Run Massacre
Frontier Family Reunion Heads To Fort Laurens
   - Boone, Crawford, Girty, Kenton Families Join Together

 The Pioneer Times   August 2003

The Battle of the Blue Licks
Dr. Thomas D. Clark Booksigning
Rifle Winner Receives Prize
Let’s Give Rising Sun A Big Huzzah!
The Girty Brothers
Lewis and Clark at the Kentucky State Fair

 The Pioneer Times   Fall 2003

Resupplying the Corps of Discovery
More About the Corps of Discovery
Thousands Attend Mississinewa Event
Mississinewa 1812 Re-Enactment
Rediscovering Lewis and Clark on the Ohio River
“William Calk his Jurnal”
Coming to Cincinnati - Tallstacks
Fifth Long Run Massacre
Opening Remarks by Gary Foreman of Native Sun Productions
Documentary filmed at Martin’s Station in Ewing, Virginia
From The Halls of Montezuma To the Shores of Tripoli

 The Pioneer Times   Winter 2003

The Monument and List of Settlers of Painted Stone
Events Change with the Weather
2004 Here We Come!

 The Pioneer Times   January-March 2004

Kentucky Revolutionary War Re-Enactors Promote Living History
Dr. Thomas D. Clark
The Light Infantry Company - 71st Infantry Regiment
Daniel Boone Goes to Frankfort
They Walk the Walk and talk the Talk - Tanning Buffalo Hides
More About Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates, Swords, Movies and More
Heart Felt Creation Hat Class
Re-Enactors Present “Men of the Middle Ground”

 The Pioneer Times   April-June 2004

The Frazier Historical Arms Museum Opens in Louisville
The Frazier Museum Opens with a Parade
“The Winning of the West” by Teddy Roosevelt
The Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous and the Grand Encampment
2nd Annual Pigeon Roost Re-Enactment

 The Pioneer Times   July - September 2004

The Germantown, Ohio Bicentennial 1804 - 2004
The History Behind Germantown and the Great Miami River Valley
Long Run Massacre Changes Locations
Long Run Massacre Dedicated to Descendants

 The Pioneer Times  October - December 2004

Fall at Bernheim Forest
The Waldschmidt House Celebrates 200 Years
The Sutler Side of Things
Dancers Have A Ball at the Frazier Museum
Settlers Attend Kentucky Book Fair
“Sew” You Want to Make A Shift

 The Pioneer Times   January-March 2005

Eastern Woodland Indian Skills Workshop held in Ohio
Scott New Gives Final Performance as Daniel Boone, Pathfinder
KY Highway Name Controversy Gains National Attention
Early Years Trade Fairs begin at Linton, Indiana
Roy Underhill Speaks at Fort Boonesborugh
Nathan Logsdon takes to the High Seas
Howard Blatch Re-Enactor & Engraver
Boone Society Wants Kentuckians to Decide on Highway Name
Rockbridge Cemetery Final Resting Place of Ned Boone
Re-Enactors and Consumers Face Set Back Over Gas Prices

The Pioneer Times   April - June 2005

Martin’s Station
Frontier Wedding at Fort Boonesborough
Old Settlers Day - Lexington, Indiana
Lexington, Indiana Part II

 The Pioneer Times   July - September 2005

The Battle of Peckuwe Re-Enactment
Melungeon Fact or Fiction
The Legacy of Mary Ingles
Walking In their Footsteps
The Story of Mary Ingles

 The Pioneer Times  October - December 2005

Mississinewa an 1812 World Class Event
Historic Locust Grove Hosts Market Fair
George Rogers Clark & Locust Grove
Hester & Silas at Locust Grove
Reed Schrader’s Junior Militia

 The Pioneer Times   January - March 2006

Historical Ball at the Frazier Arms Museum
Winter Trek for Re-Enactors
The Trek at Lower Howards Creek
Last of the Fireside Chats is a First for Caudill
Mel Hankla as Simon Kenton
Dr. Thomas Walker at Locust Grove
Winchester Sun Article About Caudill as Boone
Fort Boonesborough Hosting Fireside Chats

 The Pioneer Times   April - June 2006

Boone Station
Fort Boonesborough adds Web Site
Women on the Frontier
Hats Off to Martin’s Station

 The Pioneer Times   July - September 2006

Dave Phipps - A Man and his Fort
KET Shoot at Fort Harrod

 The Pioneer Times  October - December 2006

A Visit to Fort Harrod
Photography Exhibit at December Market Fair
Dale Payne Releases New Book

 The Pioneer Times   January - March 2007

Ann McGinty portrayed by Melanie Kuntz
Mel Hankla Premiers Isaac Shelby At Fort Boonesborough

 The Pioneer Times   April - June 2007

Visiting Manskers Station
Historic Managers Conference with Roy Underhill
Recommendations for Conducting a Successful Living History Event
George Rogers Clark at Fort Boonesborough

 The Pioneer Times   July - September 2007

Fair at New Boston

 The Pioneer Times  October - December 2007


 The Pioneer Times   January - March 2008

Braintanning Workshop at Fort Boonesborough
Blue Licks Archaeology

The Pioneer Times   April - June 2008

Ralph Marcum: Renaissance Man

 The Pioneer Times   July - September 2008

The Message from Iwo Jima

 The Pioneer Times  October - December 2008

 Author Robert Morgan to Appear at Kentucky Book Fair
The Delta Queen - Final Trip

 The Pioneer Times   January - February 2009 

The Wright Stuff - A Visit with David and Don Wright

Maggie Delaney - The Life of an Indentured Servant
Lewis Craig and the Traveling Church

 The Pioneer Times   March - June 2009

In their Footsteps ... Trekking along Marble Creek
A Visit to The Red River Meeting House
Documenting the Filming of Kentucky: An American Story
Home Country - A book for today and yesterday

 The Pioneer Times   July - December 2009

Daniel Boone 275th Birthday Celebration
Christmas at Locust Grove

 The Pioneer Times   January - March 2010

Maggie Delaney Wows them Again at the Fireside Chats
Matt Bryant Brings Colonel William Whitley to Life
Isaac Shelby: Soldier, Farmer and Statesman

The Pioneer Times January - December 2011

The Fireside Chats open 2011 with Daniel Boone
Mad Anne Bailey Packs the House at 2011 Fireside Chats
An 18th Century Doctor visits Fort Boonesborough
Andrew Montour Warrior and Interpreter Speaks at Final Fireside Chat for 2011

Author Harry G. Enoch Speaks at the Filson Historical Society
The Red River Museum
Civil War Symposium

White Hall Named Historic Site by Society of Professional Journalists
The Story of The Moravian Massacre - “A Day of Shame”

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