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18th Century Market Fair & Encampment 
at Historic Locust Grove

October 28, 2017

Photos by Kathy Cummings

On one of the last outdoor events of the year for local re-enactors - the weather can range from hot, hot, hot to really chilly. This year proved to be the latter. But the gloves and capes came out, extra layers and more clothes and everyone had a great time.


See and hear a video clip of these musicians playing at Historic Locust Grove.


It’s the people that make the event. Whether walking the grounds like Silas the Ratcatcher and Parson John (at left) or displaying goods for sale or marching in formation on the field, visitors enjoy the 18th Century life by observing the Re-Enactors. The truer the portrayal the better the event for the visiting public.


Participants at the 18th Century Market Fair

Each year at this event the home group - The Illinois Regiment chooses an historic battle to portray, since no actual battles occurred at the historic site.

This year George Washington’s Continental Army met the British at Philadelphia in 1777.


The Battle


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