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Perryville Battlefield 154th Commemoration

Perryville, KY  2016

Photos by Kathy Cummings

The 2016 Battle reenactment at Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site was a national event. Over 3,000 re-enactors participated in the weekend. We photographed on Saturday during “The Battle for the Cornfield.”

The Battle of Perryville, was the largest Civil War battle in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. More than 7,500 Union and Confederate troops were killed and wounded. The land where the State Historic Site is now located was originally the farm of Henry Bottom. It was Bottom who later buried thousands of Confederate soldiers on this land. Visitors could visit the camps, the Living History Village, shop with the sutlers and watch the battle unfold before their eyes.

The battlefield at Perryville is known as one of the most pristine battlefields in the nation. Where other cities have developed around major battlefields, the sleepy little town that erupted with an influx of thousands of soldiers in 1862 remains much the same as it was then. The State Battlefield Historic Site continues to add acreage through the combined preservation efforts of many groups including The Friends of Perryville.


The Many Faces of
Perryville 2016

The 2016 Battle for the Cornfield


An Artist looks at Perryville 2016

Art Prints by Jim Cummings         Photos by Kathy Cummings

Artist Looks at Perryville 16

  • DSCN3649 KATHY 9
  • DSCN3731 civil w 1
  • DSCN3750 civil war 16
  • DSCN3782  civil war 38
  • DSCN3900 KATH 23 B AN W KATH 25
  • DSCN3932  43 k
  • DSCN3942 xx kath
  • DSCN3949 kath 40
  • DSCN4052 K25
  • DSCN4090 KATH 26
  • DSCN4098 K 22
  • DSCN4104 KATH 27
  • DSCN4110 K10
  • DSCN4113 K11
  • DSCN4165 K 21
  • DSCN4255 K18
  • DSCN4266 KATH 29
  • DSCN4349 KATH 14
  • DSCN4359 K15
  • DSCN4459 A1
  • DSCN4469 K16
  • man in chair

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