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Oldham County, Kentucky Colonial Trade Faire 2015

Photos by Kathy Cummings

Although the weather was quite warm, it didn’t stop folks from visiting the Colonial Trade Faire in Oldham County, KY. Vendors and demonstrators dotted the grass at the Oldham County Historical Society Campus. Scheduled for a total renovation in the coming year the Oldham County Campus has hosted the event for several years now. It is combined with another event taking place on the adjacent Courthouse lawn - Arts on the Green.

Out front were the ever popular “wax figures” of General Lafayette and Adrienne Lafayette. Lafayette visited America in 1824 to help begin the celebration of the 50 year anniversary of the American Revolution. Standing perfectly still, passersby scarcely notice the still figures until one of them moves slightly. It is with a sudden start that they realize the still figures are not statues but living, breathing interpreters.

Further into the are one can meet authors, hear live music, see demonstrations of spinning and chair canning. The Painted Stone Settlers fired their cannon at several times during the weekend and Saturday’s featured presentation was storytelling by Native Interpreter Russell Morris.

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Renderings of the Proposed Plan for the Oldham County History Campus


Visit the Oldham County Historical Society Web Site to learn more.

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