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Native Rebellion

Piankeshaw Education Trails Park
August 12 & 13 2006

Photos Submitted By Sheryl Hartman

Native Rebellion is an exacting activity. Sleeping inside the longhouse, a warrior rests up after battle.

A Frenchman tries to negotiate with a Piankeshaw warrior for the release of his wife.

Randy Bales enlightens some visitors with wisdom of native culture.

A woodland warrior and his family leisurly stroll through the Piankeshaw village just prior to a surprise attack.

The Piankeshaw village is ready for the prisoner to run the gauntlet after the battle.

Adam Bonney demonstrating the native arts from flint knapping to cordage making at Native Rebellion 06.

A white prisoner is ready for "running the gauntlet"

Native Rebellion Winter camps have been set up including this brand new wigwam in the woods for Piankeshaw, Miami, Shawnee and thier families.

A load of tainted trade goods is offered as reward for the release of a captive at the 2006 Native Rebellion

A lively game of double ball ensued at the Native Rebellion held near Bloomington Indiana.

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