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Captain Jacobs and Crew
 Deliver Supplies to The Corps Of Discovery

Oct 31- Nov 1, 2003

Photos by Jim & Kathy Cummings

The Crew of Captain Jim Jacobs of Blue Heron Mercantile embarked on the Ohio River Expedition to re-supply the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery from Poison Creek on Friday October 31. They met with the Corps of Discovery near Stephensport, Kentucky on Saturday.

The boat ramp at Mano Point on Friday with high winds.

The crew choose instead to depart from
 Poison Creek.

Meanwhile at Stephensport, Kentucky the Corps of Discovery lowers the flags at dusk.

On Saturday the first canoe arrives with
Jeremy Turner and Scott Fry.

The Corps of Discovery has moved up it’s timetable and starts toward Poison Creek where over 600 pounds of supplies are transfered.

The supply crew comes back to Stephensport with the Corps of Discovery.

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The Crew

Captain Jim Jacobs

Captain Brian McCrary

Jon Hagee

Jerry Blackerby

Paul Green

Mike Dollinger

TJ Freeman

Scott Fry

Jeremy Turner

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