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The Indiana Territory Festival

The Making of a State

June 30 - July 1, 2007
Corydon, Indiana

Photos by Jim and Kathy Cummings

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For this year’s 3rd Annual Indiana Territory Festival, event organizer Nathan Logsdon put together an outstanding program. In addition to the Saturday Re-Enactment of the Signing of Indiana’s First Constitution there were also several first person portrayals on hand.

Tapping on the local history, Logsdon started with Squire Boone, younger brother of Daniel Boone who spent the latter years of his life in the Corydon area. Boone was portrayed by Harold Raleigh.

Probably Corydon’s most famous son - was President William Henry Harrison. Harrison was portrayed by Corydon resident and actor Steve Harrington.

And wrapping up the performances was Re-enactor Gavin Kelly as John Shields one of the members of the Lewis & Clark Corp of Discovery. Shields also spent his final years in Harrison County Indiana.

Special Guest Speakers

Squire Boone portrayed by Harold Raleigh

Click Here to see a short clip of Squire Boone

Squire Boone was portrayed by Harold Raleigh of Shelbyville, KY. Raleigh recounted much of Boone’s life after he had moved to Indiana after his land grants in Kentucky had proved worthless. Squire and Jane Boone moved with their family to the area near Corydon where they built a grist mill. Raleigh is an experienced re-enactor and did an excellent job in his portrayal bringing new life to the often overlooked younger Boone brother.

John Shields - one of “The Nine Young Men from Kentucky” on the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Expedition - Portrayed by Gavin Kelly

Click Here to see a short clip of John Shields

John Shields, born 1769 in Virginia, served as a private for the entire Lewis and Clark Expedition from October 19, 1803 until October 10, 1806; one of its "Nine Young Men from Kentucky," he was a skilled gunsmith and blacksmith. Shields settled in southern Indiana by June 1807; appointed captain in Clark County militia July 1807. Died in Harrison County, Indiana.

William Henry Harrison was portrayed by Steve Harrington. Harrington gave a stout and lively performance of the 9th President of the United States. Hharrison was the first Governor of the Indiana Territory. He named the city of Corydon and was instrumental in bringing the Capital there. He was also the first President to die in office, a mere 31 days into his office.

Corydon Constitution
Corydon Guest Speakers
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