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Photos on The Guest Gallery from: Cultures in Contact: A 17th century Reenactment at Sun Watch Indian Village/Archaeological Park, Dayton, Ohio.


Wooden Steamboats have been stopping at the Louisville Wharf since 1811. But last Friday was the final stop for the Delta Queen who has lost her safety exemption and will no longer travel these waters. Click Here for story and additional photos.


The Fall Market Fair was held in late October at Historic Locust Grove,
in Louisville, KY-
All Photos Now Loaded!

The 2008 CLA Show ‘Wows’ Visitors


The 2008 Contemporary Long Rifle Show in Lexington, KY expanded it’s space at the convention center and put on a most amazing display of antique and contemporary longrifles and other items. One entire room this year was devoted to antique pieces and also displayed the William Whitley Longrifle and the Davy Crockett Longrifle. Photos Now Loaded!

Photos and Story from the August 23-24 Battle of Richmond (Civil War)
 Click Here!

Battle of Richmond 2008 130 a

The 226th Battle of Blue Licks
Draws Great Crowds and Great Weather

The Many Faces of Blue Licks now loaded.   

    Battle Photos Now Loaded!

The 1782 Battle of Blue Licks (known as the last battle of the American Revolution) was re-enacted on the historic site. In addition to the battle re-enactment visitors were treated to a full schedule of displays, demonstrations and performances.
Additional photos loaded at and on The Guest Gallery


Pirates Battle the British on the High Seas ... Arghhh!


Two newsreels now available. One for seafarin folks and one for landlubbers!

Photos also posted on the Guest Gallery by event coordinator Nathanael Logsdon

Well... maybe not exactly the high seas. More like Lake Monroe near Bloomington, Indiana. This lighthearted event, entitled “The Pirates of Paynetown” over the weekend gave re-enactors a chance to really kick up their heels. The weather was nearly perfect, the crowds were great and re-enactors with period replica boats of all sorts got to take to the water. Several cannons on shore were pointed in their direction and a slew of British officers and their men awaited their arrival on shore.  Newsreel ...coming soon. Photos now loaded

Mansker’s Station ‘Open for Business’ Story Coming Soon!


A great photo taken at Mansker’s Station recently added to the Guest Gallery by Albert Roberts. To date our readers have submitted 2679 photos in over 100 photo albums. Check out The Pioneer Times Guest Gallery


Women on the Frontier


Click Here for Photos and Newsreels

Women on the Frontier at Fort Boonesborough State Park was a huge success. Women re-enactors and the visiting public joined in learning a variety of skills. Both lectures and hands on sessions made it an enjoyable weekend for the women - many of whom brought their daughters.

Photo above - this young lady has just shot a flintlock for the first time.     

See additional newsreel at


A Final Tribute to Colleen Gilbert

Click Here

Thanks, Hester -you made us laugh, and never let any of us take ourselves too seriously!

The Re-Enacting Community lost one of it’s very best. Colleen Gilbert passed away of an aneurysm in late June at her home. Hester was preparing to leave for Fort Ticonderoga. She wondered when she spent the day Saturday at Fort Boonesborough’s Women on the Frontier “If the east is ready for Hester!” It will be their loss- as it is ours.

Click here for a heart felt goodby to our friend Hester. We spent the better part of today laughing and crying over these photos. They are by no means all of the photos we have taken of her over the years, but we hope they will remind you of who she was and how much she enjoyed life. Click here to read Colleen’s Obitiuary and for more funeral information.

 For a better look at Colleen Gilbert click here to read the feature story about her as “Re-Enactor of the Month” from last fall.


Although all re-enactors attend the “really big events” we also like to give a special Huzzah to all the re-enactors that donate their time and efforts to “small hometown events”. On the Guest Gallery this week are pictures from one such event in Elkhart, Indiana.

 Fort Boonesborough Trade Days

Fort Boonesborough hosted it’s annual Trade Days over Memorial Day Weekend. Re-Enactors camped both inside and outside the Fort as a record number of visitors for Trade Fair Weekend came through the gates.

The weather was perfect and The Fort Boonesborough Foundation was on hand selling food and drinks. Authors Dale Payne and John Curry were on hand signing and selling books. Several of Saturday’s visitors were seen back on Sunday - “because they had such a good time!.”


See also photos from Walt Waitkus on The Guest Gallery

Click Here for more......

McConnell Springs
 Founders Day

Photos Now Loaded   Click Here


Lexington, Kentucky

French & Indian War Event at
Granville, Ohio


Photos by Cindy Northup on
The Guest Gallery

Between the Wars
1760’s Event
Charlestown, IN


Click Here to view this event

Crowds Descend on
Wilderness Road State Park
 for Martin’s Station Re-Enactment


Click here for photos...


Movie Premier Held in Lexington, KY for new Documentary Film

By Kathy Cummings


Re-Enactors arriving by Limo? It was an unusual mix Thursday evening as the Documentary The Story of McConnell Springs was shown at the Kentucky Theater. Narrated by award winning narrator Peter Thomas and produced by Michael Breeding Media the film will air in June on KET (Kentucky Educational Television) . Shot over the last two years primarily at Founder’s Day at McConnell Springs and other locations the film tells the story of early Lexington and it’s founders. Steve Caudill portrays William McConnell and Tony Richardson is his brother Francis McConnell. Also on hand last evening and featured in the film was Shawnee native re-enactor Greg McDonald. 

For more about the project Click Here

Frontier Memories III
by Dale Payne
 Now Available


Read more about Payne and his books - See Newsreel - Meet Dale Payne - Read the story by Kathy Cummings

Web Site Gets an Updated Look

80 % of pages revised

The Pioneer Times/Graphic Enterprises Web Site Celebrated it’s 5th Birthday in March. In those 5 years we’ve added a lot of information to the site and learned a lot about the world wide web. The internet age has changed too. At first we basically used small photos and geared everything towards a low resolution screen. We figured the majority of web visitors were using dial up.


Those things are now drastically different. Statistics show that the average web visitor has gone from a 800 x 600 to a 1280 x 960 screen resolution. Dial up is

The first web site had about 10 pages - todays site has over 400.

now in the minority, and video and sound, flash files and more are now the order of the day.

So we’ve expanded our page size and will be reworking some of the older pages over the next few weeks. So bear with us through the transition. Email your suggestions and comments.

And watch for coming events! Because spring is here - and we’ll be taking to the road in the next few weeks. With more photos, more stories and more newsreels.

New Index Completed on Web Site

Phase II Completed on Pioneer Times

Last year we embarked on a “face lift” for this web site. The first phase consisted of a cleaner look, easier accessibility and a wider screen size to better take advantage of today’s newer screen technologies. Yesterday we finished the second phase of this project. All articles that

have been added over the years to the news section of our web site have been reorganized and listed in a Table of Contents. By clicking on the Pioneer Times button the viewer will be taken to a list of all the articles that have appeared on these pages. “We have had many requests from people looking for past articles” said Jim Cummings.

Now they will be able to read through the news portions of the web site by year. Although some of the articles are a bit dated there are many feature articles that are not. Features on people and locations still provide valuable information. In addition to the news stories all of the Re-Enactor of the Month Features are loaded and indexed.” Almost completed too is the last phase - which is an index and search engine feature that will be a combined index of articles, photo pages, advertisers and our web connections.

The Sun Shines on Grassy Run

By Kathy Cummings


Click Here for Grassy Run Photos

April 25-28th marked the 16th Annual Grassy Run Rendezvous. Hosted by the Grassy Run Historical Arts Committee the event takes place in Williamsburg in Clermont County Ohio.

In addition to the traditional events this year’s event was dedicated to SSgt. Matt Maupin a Clermont County native who’s funeral was taking place this same weekend - after his death in Iraq four years ago.

Fort Boonesborough Trade Days


Settlers and Indians alike visited Fort Boonesborough State Park for it’s Annual Trade Days Celebration. Photos now available on the Fort Boonesborough Website


Re-Enacting History at Corydon, Indiana
The Indiana Territory Festival took place over the 4th of July Weekend. The original signing of the Indiana Constitution took place in the original building on site. But the delegates to that original convention retired outside, due to the extreme heat and completed their task under a large elm tree. Re-Enactors also completed the signing outside. Click Here


It was a different type event at Perryville State Historic Battlefield this weekend as Civil War re-enactors gathered for a 1869 post war event including horse races and sale.   Photos Now Loaded

100 Years on the Ohio


Click here to view this event!

Wildcat 121

Click Here for the 2008 Battle of Wildcat Mountain


Click here to see a school visit to North Vernon Elementary School.

Smothers Receives Proclamation from Louisville Council for 100 Years on the Ohio


Fourteenth District Councilman Bob Henderson (left) made the presentation to event organizers Rod Smothers and Brian Cushing. Click Here to learn more about this event.


Mississinewa -1812 Draws re-enactors from Canada to New Orleans. Click Here for Photos


The Gray battled the Blue in The Fight for The Gibson Farm at The Perryville Historic Battlefield State Park. The site of a 1862 battle in Kentucky, is known as one of the most pristine, preserved Civil War Battlefields in the country. Click Here for Photos! An additional slide show can be found at

The Siege of Fort Boonesborough has incredible weather and incredible crowds - Photos Now Loaded

Click Here for Photos of the Battle, the Many Faces of The 230th Siege of Fort Boonesborough, group photos of the participants and more.

Additional Photos loaded at

Koh Koh Mah & Foster - A Living History Event of the French and Indian War draws huge crowds


Koh Koh Mah and Foster- A Living History Event - Photos Now Loaded including a tribute to Hester - Wedding Photos now loaded, too!

Click Here for The The Battle of Barbourville


The Fair at New Boston 2008

 Photos from The Painted Stone Settlers
Long Run Massacre - Click Here

Although the weather was quite warm, the humidity was low and there was a slight breeze blowing at the 26th Annual Fair at New Boston. The Fair is hosted by The George Rogers Clark Heritage Association in Springfield, Ohio. Both re-enactors and visiting public from far and wide descend on the fair - for shopping, socializing, good food and visiting and entertainment. But the fair can have it’s quiet moments too - as evidenced by the young lady in the photo above, resting campside. Click here for more

The Indians again best the settlers at the 10th Annual Long Run Massacre in Shelbyville, KY. Both the reenactors and visiting public were awed by the new location. 

Thanks to all who attended.


Debby Jenkins Named Re-Enactor of the Month for June 2008

Click Here to read the complete story by Jim Cummings


Photos from Blackacre’s Pioneer Day
Click Here

Blackacre Nature Preserve
 Louisville, KY


A Memorial Day Tribute
   By Jim Cummings
Click Here

Spirit of Vincennes 
Click Here for Photos

Additional Photos from Frank Doughman
on The Guest Gallery


Lore of the Lochry
 Enjoys Spring Weather

Participants in the the four year old event - Lore of the Laughery had a chance to enjoy some spring weather at Friendship Indiana last weekend. The event has previously been held in late August and was subject to very hot and humid days.
So despite some rain on Friday’s school day re-enactors, demonstrators and sutlers treated visitors to days straight out of the late 18th century. For it was that time period - when the nearby Creek was named for Colonel Archibald Lochry. Subsequent generations corrupted his name to Laughery and thus the name of this event - Lore of the Laughery. See the photos and read more about this event


All Photos now loaded!

The Kentucky Colonels Annual
Bar-B-Que A Derby Weekend Tradition

With a cast of characters to rival Walt Disney the 40th Annual Kentucky Colonels Bar-B-Que took place on May 4, 2008. The Kentucky Colonels are a non-profit charitable organization with a long Kentucky tradition. Henry Clay (right), George Rogers Clark, Abraham Lincoln and more wandered the grounds of the event.

Read More about the event!


Graphic Enterprises and
 The Pioneer Times
Receive History Awards

On March 1, 2008 this website Pioneer Times and the parent company Graphic Enterprises were the recipients of two awards from the Kentucky Historical Society and The Historical Confederation of Kentucky. Read More....

Braintanning Anyone?

 Native Re-Enactor Jim Green held a class on braintanning this past weekend at Fort Boonesborough State Park. Participants learned the procedure and completed the course with a finished deerskin. More Photos on the Guest Gallery by Walt Waitkus. Photos and story.


Frontier Stations Under Attack

Boone Station in Fayette County Kentucky hosted Frontier Stations Under Attack - April 18-20. Local school children attended on Friday while the public was treated to a “full scale attack on the station” on Saturday and Sunday. Re-Enactors from several states participated in the event hosted by Fort Boonesborough State Park. Click Here

Season Starts with a Cold Weekend for the Illinois Regiment at Locust Grove


A cold and wet weekend in Louisville, Kentucky is not usually on the agenda for the middle of April.

On the river front Louisville hosts the largest fireworks in the country - known as Thunder Over Louisville - the kickoff to three weeks of Kentucky Derby Festival Events.

While up on a hillside not too far from downtown there is another event - known as 18th Century Thunder. Re-Enactors add to the thunder noise with a bit of 18th century black powder. The photo above was taken near the Croghan family cemetery as the assembled troops gave a salute to George Rogers Clark who spent his final days at Locust Grove, the home of his sister and brother in law William and Lucy Clark Croghan. Click Here for more photos.

Managers Conference Held


The 2nd Annual Event Planners & Historic Site Managers Conference was held at Blue Licks Battlefield State Park on March 5-7. The Conference was hosted by The Fort Boonesborough Foundation. Read the Story.

Scott New Returns to
 Kentucky Humanities Council Chautauqua

By Kathy Cummings

After three years working as character interpreters for Colonial Williamsburg, Scott and Berni New have come home. According to New, “ We are delighted to be back on home ground again amidst friends and family. We felt we had made our mark at Colonial Williamsburg and were becoming awfully homesick. You are never too old, or busy, to learn the old lesson all over again that there is ‘no place like home’. By the grace of Providence, we were able to return.”

“I will once again be taking up the mantle, or should I say, hunting shirt of Daniel Boone. I am delighted to be back with the Kentucky Humanities Council as before. We plan on offering the Boone programs right where we left off.”




Visitors to last weekend’s Martin Station event may have also noticed that New is back with Wilderness Road State Park. Continued New,” I hope to see a number of familiar faces at our various events. We have hopes of really making progress with our living history programming, and are very exited about the potential. We hope to be establishing a good partnership not only with the Cumberland Gap National Park, but with historic sites in Kentucky, southwest Virginia and perhaps east Tennessee as well. After all, we are all telling the same story, just different chapters. God willing there are good days ahead all way around!”

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