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New DVD Released
Maggie Delaney, Indentured Servant

Graphic Enterprises announces the release of the DVD Production of Carol Jarboe portraying “Maggie Delaney - Indentured Servant.”

60 Minute DVD $20.00 + S&H

Jarboe first presented her educational first person performance at The Fort Boonesborough Fireside Chats in February to rave reviews.

The DVD was filmed during live performances and is an extremely well researched look at indentured servitude in the colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. “So many of our ancestors entered this country in this manner,” says Jarboe, “but few people have any real knowledge of the system and the sufferings involved.”

Although Jarboe loves to perform live, she readily agreed to the idea of the DVD of her performance. Getting “Maggie’s story” in to the hands of as many people and educators as possible is the goal. In addition to the DVD, a teacher’s guide is also being prepared to help schools and teachers with resource material on indentured servants.

Click here to see a newsreel clip of Maggie Delaney.
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