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The Fair at New Boston

September 4 & 5th, 2010

George Rogers Clark Park - Springfield, Ohio

Photos by Jim Cummings
Kathy Cummings  Jimmy Cummings   Kelly Cummings   Cody Stidham

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 In the early days of our country before WalMarts and Interstate Highways - people gathered together for a variety of reasons - to sell and trade, barter for goods, hold meetings, court, church services, and militia musters. Early settlers were spread out in the territory and rarely had a chance to visit with their neighbors. So these gatherings always took on a festive and carnival air. News of these gatherings would bring folks from far and wide. They were forced to bring food or buy what was available. And every good tradesman would also show up to sell his wares.

So step back in time with us to one such gathering - The Fair at New Boston.

See the Many Faces of The Fair at New Boston 2010


The Children of The Fair at
New Boston 2010

Battle Photos from The Fair at
New Boston 2010


The Guardian at The Cheapside Theater 2010


Entertainment from the Fair at New Boston

Video Clips by Jim and Kathy Cummings


Jack Salt and
The Captain’s Daughter
1:35 Min

Dr. Balthasar’s
Traveling Medicine Show
4.53 Min


From the Native Camp
Strong Woman Song
2:05 Min

From the Native Camp
Jim Apple, Mark Banks and Company

2:00 Min


From The Cheapside Theater
The Play - “The Guardian”

2:43 Min


More Photos

Adding to the atmosphere of the fair - were the horses, and oxen , and dozens of things that lend a festive air and a bit of frivolity to the fair.

Virtual Visionlg

Step Inside the 2010 Fair at New Boston and take a virtual tour of the grounds

Panoramas by Jim and Kathy Cummings


Click Here to view this Virtual Vision Panorama


Click Here to view this Virtual Vision Panorama

Other photos from The Fair at New Boston on the Guest Gallery Click Here

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