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The Raid on Martin’s Station 2010

Photos by Jim and Kathy Cummings

May 8 - 9, 2010

Spotlight on a Re-Enactor - Wayne Milton

When we began this series - Spotlight on a Re-Enactor - we did not expect to have the “spotlight” on someone at every event. Martin’s Station is one of the events where we least expected to see someone take center stage because of the large number of re-enactors involved and also because of the distance from the spectators to the action. But as we combed through the photos from this event - someone did stand out - a leader on a white horse. And that person is Wayne Milton. Having been active in re-enacting for many, many years, Wayne has portrayed both native and settler and is well known for being on horseback at most events.

This week the “Spotlight” falls on Wayne as he and his troop of mounted militia made their presence known on the battlefield.

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