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A Visit to

National Museum of The US Air Force

Photos by Jim Cummings

DSC04972wright air flight

The Air Force Museum located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base was a photographers dream. Not only was there more ground to cover and more displays to look at than could be photographed in one day - it was a visual wonder. From the beginning of air travel with the Wright Brothers to current military technology there are displays from every era including the space race (not included here) This is just a small sampling of what is available. After 8 hours of shooting we decided on chronological order.

On the walls are interactive displays, videos and typical museum display boards giving extensive knowledge for even the most avid air buff. But in the end we decided to concentrate this page on photos of the planes themselves. For a more in-depth look at the museum visit

Ever since my childhood - when my father was a fireman at Wright Patterson the base and the planes that landed there have captured my imagination. I highly recommend spending a day or more at the museum. On my next excursion to the museum I plan on concentrating on the next era - from Korea, to Viet Nam, to the Space race.

I would like to thank the Museum for their open policy on photography and the many people I encountered who were all friendly and helpful. When ever you look up into the sky and see a vapor trail remember the two young men in Dayton, Ohio who went from a bicycle shop to developing one of the greatest industries of all time.

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them.

DSC04990 zz

The Early Days of Flight - Slide Show


WWI Era Planes and Displays - Slide Show


WW II Era Planes and Displays - Slide Show


These photos dedicated to the men and women that served......


Parting Shots....

P9058893 - Copy

Even as we prepared to leave - I still couldn’t resist taking a few last shots of planes out on the tarmac.

P9058889 - Copy

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