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A White Hall Victorian Christmas

Christmas 2017

Photos by Kathy Cummings


Visitors approach White Hall for the Annual Victorian Christmas

Each year as we visit White Hall at Christmas it seems the mansion can never look lovelier. And each year the staff exceeds expectations and puts on a glittering show. Since so much of our American Christmas traditions stem from customs in Victorian England, this period mansion is a prime spot for showing off the origins of many of our customs. Christmas trees, Christmas cards and more, although they did not originate in Victorian times were brought to the forefront by Queen Victoria during her long reign. Married to a German she quickly adopted the Christmas Tree to make Albert welcome in her homeland. She started sending Christmas cards and another tradition was born. From the ornate drawing room to the slave quarters in the basement join us for the sights and sounds of A Victorian Christmas.

whitehall 17 Christmas

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  • Dulcimers

Over 18 Christmas Tress graced the mansion in 2017

Music played on site by members of the Madison Dulcimers.


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White Hall State Historic Shrine is located at 500 White Hall Road in Richmond, Kentucky.
 Public hours to tour the house will resume in April.
Visit the White Hall Foundation website at

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Link to White Hall Foundation’s Website at at

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