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A Look at
The War of 1812

By Kathy Cummings

Photos by Jim Cummings

Interested in learning more about the War of 1812? We had a chance to listen to author Eddie Price last month in Shelbyville, KY. In 2012 Price published his historical novel “Widder’s Landing”. His research for the book was extensive. As a former history teacher, he took a thorough look at the time period. Not a detail was missed in this 564 page work.

Since the publication, Price has been touring as a part of the speaker’s bureau of The Kentucky Humanities Council.

He has programs on many of the historical events that pepper his novel. He talks about “brush arbor revivals” when the great religious awaking spread through Kentucky. The New Madrid Earth Quake of 1811-12 had an important impact on the times as does the ongoing conflict with Great Britain. Not only does Price weave each of these historical events into his book he has become so well informed on The War of 1812 and Kentucky’s part in it that listening to him speak is a complete history lesson in itself. 

Price credits the flatboat illustration (at right) with his historical quest. Living along the Ohio river he states that seeing such an illustration as a youngster caught his imagination. Wondering what it would be like to flatboat down the Ohio always fueled that interest in an earlier time period.

His presentations are decidedly ‘multi media’. Price dresses in reproduction clothing to gain the attention of his audience. He led the group in singing a period song “Th e Hunters of Kentucky” .


While speaking about The War of 1812, Price used slides of the various leaders that led the Battle of New Orleans. His emphasis was strong on the fact that Kentuckians gave more in soldiers and lives lost than most other states involved. But he not only dealt with the Battle of New Orleans - the conclusive battle of the war - but he also gave background information on the earlier battles that Kentuckians were involved in. “Remember the Raisin” was the cry of Kentuckians in 1812 and Price gave in great detail the military debacle that killed so many.


Flatboating down the Ohio.


Price invited those that purchased a book to join in him in a photo opp.


During his presentation he passed photos and handouts to the audience. This women is viewing a photo of Price with Kentucky’s Governor Steve Beshear.


The main character in Widder’s Landing has worked as a gunsmith’s apprentice. In his typical thorough fashion, during his presentation Price explains the differences in the period firearms.


Although many in the audience were familiar with Henry Clay and Isaac Shelby, far less could recognize Kentuckians Charles Scott or John Adair.


Check out Eddie Price’s other speaking engagements or learn where to purchase his book at

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