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Christmas at White Hall Historic State Site


From the lavish decorations in the parlor to the slave quarters pictured above, Christmas decorating came into it’s own in 19th century America during the Victorian Age. The staff at White Hall decorated the entire mansion even to the 3rd floor bedrooms as shown below. Click here to see photos of White Hall during “A Victorian Christmas.”


Christmas by Candlelight at Fort Boonesborough State Park


Click here for Newsreel.

Interpreter Dennis Muzzy caught the rapt attention of these children as he talked about early Dutch customs of Christmas including Sinder Klaas who arrived in Holland by ship, bringing gifts to children who had been good. Santa Claus evolved from this tradition. Other cabins displayed German and English customs. There was also music and refreshments in the tavern, dancing in the blockhouse and outdoor bonfires and gifts for the children. Photos & Nesreel now loaded.


December Brings Christmas
to Historic Sites

Although lavish light displays would not have been possible when this home was built in 1850, today they highlight historic homes and architecture. Pictured above is the James Trigg House a Victorian era Italianate style home in Jefferson County, KY placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.


Veteran’s Day 2012


Thank A Veteran for their service

It was a re-enactment of a different kind on Sunday November 12th. Just prior to the kickoff of the 2012 Veteran’s Day Parade in Louisville, Kentucky a military jeep screeched to a halt in front of the assembled crowd and the reviewing stand of dignitaries and out jumped a sailor. It was reminiscent of the iconic photo from 1945 published in Life Magazine, and as the sailor kissed the nurse it felt like 1945 all over again. A time when soldiers came home to cheering crowds and that was the atmosphere that kicked off the parade. Click here for photos.

Hear Lincoln’s Pocket Watch
in the Movie
Lincoln by Steven Spielberg

Lincolns watch

(Nov. 9, 2012)
— A pocket watch that once belonged to Abraham Lincoln and is now in the Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) collections is featured in Steven Spielberg’s newest film. “Lincoln” opens in limited release on November 9th and nationwide Friday, November 16.

The Kentucky Historical Society was contacted in  May by

Ben Burtt, an Academy Award-winning sound designer working on the film. The sound team was dedicated to incorporating as many historically accurate sounds as possible that Lincoln would have actually heard in his lifetime – including the ticking of his pocket watch. Learn More...

The Battle of Wildcat Mountain

Battle of Camp Wildcat 2012 _ 044sm

This Civil War Battle re-enactment took place in Laurel County, Kentucky on October 20-21, 2012. Click Here for Photos.

Historic Locust Grove Hosts
Annual 18th Century Market Fair


Cannons went boom, muskets fired and shoppers visited vendors despite the chilly weather at Historic Locust Grove on October 27-28, 2012. Hosted by the Illinois Regiment the market fair is a combination of 18th century entertainment, shopping and a large display of military life in the 18th century. Photos now loaded!


 Photos and Newsreel now loaded

150th Commemoration of the
 Battle of Perryville

The sky was dark with gunpowder as the Union Soldiers and the Confederate Soldiers met on October 7 & 8th on the actual site of the Battle of Perryville. It was Kentucky’s largest Civil War battle with over 7,000 killed. It was quite a shock in 1862 for the small town of Perryville whose population was only 300, to be inundated with both armies looking for water and meeting in battle on nearby farmland. The aftermath was even worse as the area had to deal with wounded, dying and the dead still laying in the fields. Almost 2,000 re-enactors registered to participate in the weekend events with registrations fees going toward battlefield preservation.

Days of Knights descends upon
 Frankfort, Kentucky


Knights and their ladies took center stage on Oct. 13- 14 in Frankfort, Kentucky. Planned to introduce the new archery range at Sky Trail Park at Cove Spring Park, crowds gathered for jousting, archery demonstrations, and a full scale trebuchet that hurled pumpkins across the sky. All Photos now loaded!

The 1778 Siege of Fort Boonesborough


The Annual Siege of Fort Boonesborough took place on September 22 and 23, with fort defenders and Indians meeting in battle outside the fort. All photos now loaded.

The Painted Stone Settlers host
The 14th Annual Long Run Massacre


Settlers of all ages come face to face with history at the Long Run Massacre. Photos




At the 1781 Long Run Massacre women and children were attacked by the Indians as well as members of the militia under Colonel John Floyd. New Photos from the Prisoner Exchange now loaded.   School Day videos also loaded.

_9093494CROP 1

A Color Guard made up of members of the Governor Isaac Shelby Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution along with members of The Painted Stone Settlers and future members of both groups entered the field and led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Other events over the weekend event consisted of a school day for 820 students on Friday and presentations, speakers and Kentucky authors signing and selling their books. 

An Audacious American
premiers September 27

Cassius Clay 1

A documentary of Cassius Marcellus Clay by Michael Breeding Media premiers in Lexington, Kentucky at The Kentucky Theater. The film will air on KET for the first time on October 15. Learn More.....

The 30th Annual Fair
at New Boston

_DSC0043 copy

The weather was challenging but it didn’t stop the crowds, the fun, or the cannons from firing at the 30th Annual Fair at New Boston in Springfield, Ohio. Additional Photos Now Loaded! More photos coming soon!


The 1782 Battle of Blue Licks

Additional Photos now loaded - newsreel now loaded!


The frontier settlements of Kentucky were nearly decimated in 1782 at the close of the revolutionary war. British and Indian allies ambushed a large force of Kentucky frontiersman at the Blue Licks. Among those killed were some of the finest men of the era. The Indians had attacked the settlement at Bryan’s Station near Lexington on August 15th. Not being able to take the fort they retreated knowing the Kentuckians would follow. On August 19, 180 clashed with a force made up of 300 Indians and a group of Butler’s Rangers out of Canada led by Alexander McKee and Simon Girty. Over 70 Kentuckians were killed. The battle is re-enacted each August at Blue Licks Battlefield State Park.


The Fifth Annual Jane Austen Festival
at Historic Locust Grove


A Visit to the Jane Austen Festival

All photos and videos now loaded from the 2012 Jane Austen Festival and can be accessed here.

It’s all about fashion at The Jane Austen Festival. Early 19th Century Fashion, that is! Everywhere you look are beautiful hats, gorgeous gowns and parasols, reticules, fans, slippers, shawls and jewelry. All of the things that kept life interesting for the upperclass characters in Jane Austen’s novels. And if you didn’t come “dressed for the event” there were shoppes and classes to help you. Afternoon tea and the fashion show were the highlights of this weekend event with something for everyone. All photos and video now loaded!

Style Show Slide Show
Faces - Slide Show
Fashions - Slide Show


Bare Knuckle Boxing


Before They Were Heroes...


Author Randell Jones spoke about his book Before They Were Heroes at King’s Mountain at an event in Shelbyville, Kentucky on July 12. It was hosted by The Gov. Isaac Shelby Chapter of The Sons of the American Revolution. Newsreel Now Loaded!

Federal Grant Allows Team to Uncover
Parts of Original Fort at Boonesborough


Nancy O’ Malley, Assistant Director, at the University of Kentucky William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology headed the team that spent part of June and July on limited excavations at Fort Boonesborough State Park in search of archaeological evidence of a Revolutionary War siege. Part of the hearth, some two tined forks, buttons and shards of pottery were uncovered. The Fort Boonesborough Foundation is working with Curator Jerry Raisor to cover the excavation with plexiglass to leave it visible to the visiting public.

If I were a kid again.....



If I were a kid again I would choose to spend a few summer days at the Shelby County Historical Society History Camp. Held at Red Orchard Park in Shelbyville, Kentucky on June 19-21, 2012, registered participants got to learn and play at the same time. Chinking a fort, building a native wigwam, signing up to join the militia, doing the laundry over a tub of water, beading a bracelet and lots more filled the time for the youngsters. Click Here....

Summer Downpour


While most of Kentucky and large parts of the nation are suffering from drought conditions, a pop up thunderstorm brought the rain down in torrents on Saturday, July 14 while the Seven Years War Society was encamped at Fort Boonesborough. Although the storms were sporadic, members of The Seven Years War (French and Indian War) had to reset some canvas and stoke their cooking fires to dry uniforms and equipment after the rains. Photos now loaded!

Tinsmith Convergence at Fort Boonesborough


Blacksmiths, tinsmiths coppersmiths and visitors had plenty to see at the Tinsmith and Coppersmith Convergence at Fort Boonesborough State Park. Learn more.....

Indians Raid Fort Harrod

The 4th Annual Settlement and Raid on Fort Harrod took place on June 22 & 23, 2012 in Harrodsburg, KY Just as in 1777 the Indians showed no distinctions in their attacks - upon men women or children. The replica fort is built near the site where James Harrod and settlers built the first permanent settlement in Kentucky in 1774. Photos now loaded!


The Civil War Fort at Boonesboro

Children interact with the 12th USCHA Company L at the Civil War Fort at Boonesboro on May 19. Above they learn the positions of the cannon crew.
Click here for photos.....

Blackacre Nature Preserve Pioneer Day 2012


Chair caning, campside cooking, The 18th Century Doctor, authors, blacksmiths, carriage rides, quilting, musical instruments, Daniel Boone, shoeing a horse and many musicians filled the weekend as we visited two local events - Oldham County Colonial Trade Faire and Blackacre Pioneer Day. Blackacre photos and video now loaded.


Oldham County History Center Hosts Colonial Trade Faire


Oldham County, Kentucky Colonial Trade Faire Click for photos and newsreel.

Memorial Day Weekend brings 18th Century Trade Fair to Fort Boonesborough


Despite near record heat, traders at Fort Boonesborough share a laugh.
 Photos now loaded!

The Siege of Fort Randolph


Men muster inside the fort where in 1777 Shawnee Chief Cornstalk was killed while on a peace mission.


Over 300 Indians converged upon the fort in retaliation in May of 1778. Photos and video - click here.


Boone Trace Tours by
The Fort Boonesborough Foundation

July Tour Sold Out
September Tour has a few seats left

The Fort Boonesborough Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization supporting Fort Boonesborough State Park is pleased to offer tours retracing Boone’s Trace into Kentucky. Scott New will be our guide as we travel the back roads and retrace the route to Fort Boonesborough. Learn More....

Women on the Frontier at Fort Boonesborough


Women and their families gathered April 28 & 29 for the 8th Annual Women on the Frontier Event. Story and photos - Click Here!


Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War joined with the Jack Jouett House Historic Site and the Daughters of the War of 1812 to pay tribute to Kentucky Portrait Painter Matthew Jouett with a stone dedication at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY .
Click here to learn more...

History on the walls....

Eric Henn 750

Ever spotted a water tower with amazingly lifelike art on it and wonder who created it? Or as in the case of the photo above, been driving down Main Street in Franklin, Ohio to see wonderful scenes of yesteryear unfolding as you drive. They are the creation of Artist Eric Henn. His artwork dots the country including aquariums, theme parks, commemorative walls and of course water towers. Story and photos click here.


Salute to the General


Members of the Illinois Regiment paid tribute to General George Rogers Clark during their spring encampment at Historic Locust Grove. The annual event is entitled 18th Century Thunder and takes place during the same weekend as “Thunder over Louisville”- the annual fireworks show that is the kickoff to Kentucky Derby Festival events. Photos and newsreel now loaded.

From Our Archives
Entertainment at the 2011 Fair at New Boston

Painted Stone Settlers Host an Evening with Daniel Boone

A reader recently pointed out to us that a section of the 2011 Fair at New Boston never made it to the website. So click here to see photos and video from the entertainers. Click here...


Including a newsreel clip of Dr. Balthasar’s medicine show

Each April the Painted Stone Settlers of Shelbyville, Kentucky host an open meeting for visitors to enjoy an evening of living history. This year’s program was Kentucky Chatauqua performer Daniel Boone as portrayed by Scott New. An opening color guard ceremony was performed by The Governor Isaac Shelby Chapter of the Sons of the America Revolution and was followed by questions, answers and refreshments. Learn more.....

The Teacher (3)72

Spring brings both re-enactors and visitors out to the 2nd Annual Bardstown Colonial Days in Bardstown, Kentucky. Friday saw 500 school children visit the event . Vendors set up in two locations at the village and also at the Wickland Historic Home. Click here for photos, video and more.

Fair at New Boston Registration
goes online

Artists David Wright, Shawn Webster and friends design Ceramic Egg for Charity Auction

Participant Registration for the 2012 Fair at New Boston opened on March 15. From webmaster Kristin Schultz “We are very excited to announce we are now accepting registrations online of the 2012 Fair. Payments are accepted through Paypal. This year you are required to include a jpeg. of your camp, or set-up along with your clothing. We are updating our records to electronic files so this is a necessary part of the process. Also, if you do not wish to fill out your registration via the online process you may still email or call 937-882-9216, to request a registration via mail.

One of the real signs of a truly talented artist is the high level of creativity and originality given to every project undertaken. David Wright shows off this “out of the box” concept with his design of a ceramic egg for a charity auction. Entitled “The Teacher,” Wright tapped into his vast knowledge of the American Indian for his piece. Read more and see additional photos and a newsreel about the Art of David Wright.

From Our Archives
Fort Randolph


Sometimes in traveling, we fail to load photos that we shoot. Fort Randolph in 2010 was one of those stories. In 2009 an arsonist did damage to the Tavern. When we returned to the historic site in the spring of 2010 it had gone a remarkable renovation. Although we posted the photos of the event, we never finished the feature on the fort itself. See it now....


Simon Kenton visits at The Fireside Chats at Fort Boonesborough

Even a chill in the air and a threat of snow didn’t discourage the capacity crowd that came to hear Simon Kenton.

After another great meal by the foundation and games and music in the tavern, everyone settled in to hear the story of Frontiersman, Simon Kenton as portrayed by Mel Hankla. Aided by his walking stick, an elderly Simon Kenton shuffled into the blockhouse to tell his story. Click here for photos and story .

Mel Hankla appears as Simon Kenton sponsored in part by The Kentucky Humanities Council

February Fireside Chats begin at Fort
Boonesborough with Daniel Boon


Scott New appeared as Daniel Boone at The Fireside Chats. This program is funded in part by The Kentucky Humanities Council


See a newsreel clip of the performance

Daniel Boone, portrayed by Scott New, opened the February Fireside Chats on February 4th at Fort Boonesborough State Park. Each Saturday night in February brings a different speaker and also “A Taste of the Frontier” the dinner served before the performance. New this year is the 18th Century tavern opened in the lower blockhouse. It gave the capacity crowd a chance to mingle and walk through the fort before the main performance. Jon Hagee provided music in the tavern and hot cider was available.

Read more.....

E. L. Kurtz Brings the Music of the Revolution to a full house at 2nd Fireside Chat


On a very cold, cold night at Fort Boonesborough, the blockhouse was warmed by the fire, and performer Ernie Kurtz engaged the crowd in a night of music and entertainment. “A Taste of Frontier Fare” started the evening with white chili with fruit cobbler for dessert. Two chats remain - Mel Hankla portrays Frontiersman Simon Kenton on February 18 and Octavia Sexton portrays Jenny Wiley on February 25. Call Fort Boonesborough at 859-527-3131 for reservations. Click here for photos and a newsreel of this performance.

A Bible for Maggie Delaney


Ever wonder how the vast numbers of illiterate people in the 18th century learned about the bible. The truth is probably that they learned by word of mouth. Preachers, parents and others related the stories of the bible to those that could not read. But history also tells us that there were “picture bibles.” And Maggie Delaney, portrayed by Carol Jarboe is now the owner of one such reproduction bible. Learn more....

 The best of 2011 in photos 

As we start this new year we have moved all 2011 stories off of the front page so that we can start with a fresh canvas. As in previous years we will be bringing you news and information about living history and living history events. Watch for more articles and features in the coming year. 2012 will see the advent of many events commemorating the 200 Anniversary of the War of 1812 and 2012 is also the start of the Civil War Sesquicentennial. As always, if you would like to add an event to our calendar please email Another new feature is the search engine feature that will search the Pioneer Times.  We hope you will continue to support our advertisers and visit our associated web pages and most of all enjoy our photographs!

Goodbye to April

April09435 April9627

For many children meeting April was often their first up close interaction with a horse.

In December of 2011 re-enactors lost another great friend. Although this was a quiet passing April, the horse belonging to Larry MacQuown was put down due to some painful ongoing issues with her hooves. Countless children thrilled to see April at school days at numerous events. She was a regular at Women on the Frontier at Fort Boonesborough where many young women and girls had their first horseback ride. April was the gentlest of horses. Children could brush her, pet her and feed her treats. She accepted it all, with a steady and friendly attitude. She loved to have her photo taken and she will be missed. See more photos of April at The Long Run Massacre School Day.

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