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6th Annual Jane Austen Festival
at Historic Locust Grove
Louisville, Kentucky

July 20-21, 2013

Photos by Kathy Cummings


The Many Faces
of the Jane Austen Festival 2013

There are so many interesting faces at the Jane Austen Festival. This group of photos capture individual women and their individual look!

Women in Groups

Because of the 2:00 Promenade on Saturday most of the participants of the 2013 Jane Austen Festival could be found on the lawn at Historic Locust Grove - all at one time.

There were gowns, hats and parasols of so many colors and fabrics that everywhere you looked was an interesting or unusual style. It was impossible to capture all of them but these group shots give an overall look of the creative and imaginative flavor of the festival.


The Gentlemen and their Regency Era Styles

Although the majority of participants at the festival were women - the gentlemen who attended were not to be outdone in fashion and style.


The Regency Style Show

One of the highlights of the festival is the afternoon style show with Betsy Bashore. Each year Betsy brings her latest period fashions to the style show. Her fashions are taken from extant examples in museums, books and are completed with hats and accessories of the period.


For more detailed information on Betsy’s work visit

Fashions on Display
By Gayle Simmons

Gayle Simmons shared her collection of Regency Fashions on the second floor of the house at Historic Locust Grove. Gayle is from Michigan and lives near the Battlefield at the River Raisin. This link early on made the regency era of the War of 1812 the focus of her unique talents. Sewing and designing these historicalgarments is her passion. Each room contained ensembles, jewelry and even some original pieces.


Tea Time


The Promenade

A six minute newsreel of all of the period dressed participants making the grande march at Historic Locust Grove.


Previous Years Jane Austen Festival

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