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Kentucky Bookfair 2016
Frankfort, KY

Photos by Jim and Kathy Cummings

The Kentucky Book Fair was presented this year by The Kentucky Humanities Council and was the 35th Book Fair. It was held November 5, 2016 at the Frankfort Convention Center. For the first 34 years the fair was operated by a non-profit organization and staffed by volunteers. There were over 150 authors in attendance promoting both their own books and supporting literacy for the public good.

In addition to the fair there was a Children’s day on Friday and speakers and authors throughout the day on Saturday.

Book Fair 2016

  • Most noticable at the 2016 Book Fair was the fact that people were buying multiple books.
  • In the Historical fiction section were favorite authors James Alexander Thom and Charles Hayes
  • Handling a bundle of books...
  • Authors Patricia Rose and Lydia Sherrer. Rose won a Silver Reader's Favorite Award for her book "Iron Mike".
  • Wendell Berry talks to a reader and fan.
  • "Following Boone's Trace" by Neal O. Hammon
  • Gerald Fischer had his books "Guerilla Warfare in Civil War Kentucky" and" Battletown Witch."
  • Dixie Hibbs of Bardstown had three titles from her area and was seated with Doris Settles with "Prohibition in Bardstown: Bourbon, Bootlegging and Saloons"
  • Another favorite author Richard Taylor with seven titles - a mix of poetry and history.
  • Every table had interested readers.
  • Author Lee Pennington signing for a customer. His books are "Appalachian Newground" and "Thigmotropism".
  • Author Jim Squires with four titles.
  • Another favorite author, Lynwood Montell signing his books about Kentucky.
  • Historian Neal Hammon listens intently.
  • Charles Hayes signs with a personal message for a reader.
  • Bourbon was a hot topic this year as seen here with authors Jereme Zimmerman and Joy Perrine
  • Two gentleman having a great day!
  • Charles Hayes takes time to talk with a reader.
  • Children's authors were on the concourse with titles like "What If there Is No Chimney" by Mandy Hassey and Emily Weisner Thompson.
  • Great to see young readers climb up to the concourse.
  • Favorite author Eddie Price with his children's book "Little Miss Grubby Toes Steps on a Bee."
  • Dale Due and Amanda Driscoll
  • Eddie Price entertains as he sells.
  • Author Lynwood Montell always has a joke or a story and a smile on his face.
  • Neal Hammon has done extensive research on the early land claims in Kentucky.
  • "Following Boone's Trace" was published by The Boone Society.
  • Ron Elliot - another history author had four titles for sale.
  • Dixie Hibbs is well known to anyone that has worked with Tourism in Bardstown.
  • In addition to his books Gerald Fischer contributes history based articles to local publications.
  • History coloring books by Robert A. Powell had beautiful drawings of Kentucky landmarks.
  • A closer look at "It happened Today in Kentucky History."
  • From the New Yorks Times bestsellers list was former Kentuckian J.D. Vance with his book "Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis."

Join us next year on November 11, 2017 for the 36th Annual Kentucky Book Fair.

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