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Lewis and Clark Statue
Falls of the Ohio State Park

Photos by Kathy Cummings

Lewis and Clark at the Falls

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Text on the Plaque Beneath the Statue

History's Great Explorers
Lewis & Clark

Acclaimed National Heroes

The Eastern Legacy

October 14, 1803

Meriwether Lewis came from Washington, DC and met William Clark at the Falls of the Ohio.

"When they shook hands, the Lewis and Clark Expeedition began."

Undaunted Courage, Stephen E. Ambrose


Meriwether Lewis and William Clark quartered at the George Rogers Clark Homesite, overlooking the Falls of the Ohio, fulfilling a Presidential Order by Thomas Jefferson, recruited, enlisted, and trained the leadership of the military expedition to explore the American West.


October 26, 1803

The "Corps of Discovery" departed from Clarksville at the Falls of the Ohio on their journey to the Pacific Ocean to explore the American West.


November 5, 1806

Lewis and Clark returned to the Falls of the Ohio.


October 26, 2003

Statue Dedicated during the National Lewis and Clark Bicentennial In Memory of Stephen Ambrose.
The boulder, the base, is Jeffersonville limestone from the Devonian Coral Period.
The geological age is 387,000,000 years old.
This same layer of rock is found in the Ohio River at the Falls of the Ohio State Park.


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