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The Long Run Massacre 2005

Photos by Jim and Kathy Cummings

Link to The Painted Stone Settlers

On September 13, 1781 settlers from Squire Boone’s Painted Stone Station fled due to impending Indian attacks. Enroute to Linn’s Station 23 miles away they were attacked. The following day men from Linn’s Station went out to bury the dead. They too were ambushed by Indians who knew they would return.

The Painted Stone Settlers of Shelbyville, Ky re-enact these events. Click on the links above to see the Battle and the Natives preparing for war. At this year’s re-enactment we also gave the Authors who write about Kentucky a chance to discuss history with the re-enactors. School children were invited to a special day on Friday.

Below are some of the folks who attended.

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