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The Salt Festival
Big Bone Lick State Park
Union, KY

October 17-18, 2015

Photos by Jim and Kathy Cummings


It was a cold weekend for the Salt festival held at Big Bone Lick State Park. The Festival is a combination of re-enactors from The Kentuckee Primitives and Clan Desdin. Modern music mixed with native and face painters and hot dogs and lemonade were only a short distance from salt making and campfire cooking.

The Faces of The Salt Festival


Salt Making
& Big Bone Lick

The area around salt licks was always heavily populated by animals and man looking for salt. Big Bone Lick got it’s name from being one of the oldest of the salt licks. It was an area known for the prehistoric animals that were mired and bogged down in the licks.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1807 was the first to document the bones in the area under the direction of President Thomas Jefferson.

The museum commemorates the explorers and the prehistoric bones found in the are - giving the State Historic Site it’s name.


Big Bone Lick Museum

Big Bone Lick Museum

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The Museum at Big Bone Lick consists of both an outside and inside display. Outside visitors can see replicas of the type of large mammals that inhabited the area. Inside that information is joined with displays of the early people that also inhabited the area. Although small, the museum touches on the early history and also how the Lewis and Clark exhibit stopped here at the behest of President Thomas Jefferson to catalog the area.


Meet the birds from
BIOSE - Click Here

Still to come - Entertainment at the Salt Festival

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