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Trains and Trolleys from

The Behringer Crawford Museum

Covington, KY

Photos by Jim Cummings, Article by Kathy Cummings

BC Museum Trolley

  • DSC02269
  • DSC02284
  • DSC02285
  • DSC02286
  • DSC02287
  • DSC02288

The Trolley Car in the entranceway of the Museum is beautifully restored. The passengers on board are dressed in outfits of the period. Visitors can press a button and hear a brief summary about each passenger.

Behringer Crawford

  • DSC01991c
  • DSC01994c
  • DSC02013c
  • DSC02006a
  • DSC02016c
  • DSC02018c
  • DSC01991c
  • DSC02011a

Trains were the reason for our visit to the Behringer-Crawford Museum in Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky. But it wasn’t the Christmas train and village display but the permanent display of trains, miniatures and even a full size trolley car in the lobby that caught our photographers eye. 

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