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100 Years on the Ohio

A Timeline Event 1765- 1865

September 18-19, 2010  Riverside, The Farnsley Moremen Landing

Photos by Jim & Kathy Cummings


An Overview of the Event

The Farnsley-Moremen House stands as a breathtaking testament to the rich history of agriculture along the Ohio River. Built circa 1837 by Gabriel Farnsley, this red brick Kentucky "I-House" boasts a two-story Greek Revival portico and an incredible river view. Home to Gabriel Farnsley from 1837 until his death in 1849, the house became home to the Moremen family in 1862. The Moremen family maintained ownership of the house until they sold it to Jefferson County Fiscal Court in 1988.

This event includes a “school day on Friday” and re-enactors, speakers and demonstrators throughout the weekend event.

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Faces of 100 Years on the Ohio

People make any event, and this being a timeline event, makes this statement especially true. View the many faces, and clothing styles from different eras.

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Ladies Archery circa 1814

A special addition to this year’s event was “Ladies Archery.” Pursued by ladies of leisure during the Regency period archery was both sport and a chance for a gathering in the early 1800’s.

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