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7th Annual Jane Austen Festival
at Historic Locust Grove
Louisville, Kentucky

July 19-20, 2014

Photos by Kathy Cummings

JAne Austen 14

  • The Jane Austen Festival2014
  • Step back to the Austen Era
  • With Family
  • Friends
  • And High Fashion


The Many Faces
of the Jane Austen Festival 2014

Families at The Festival


The Gentlemen of The Jane Austen Festival


Although the Jane Austen Festival draws mostly women, that’s not to say that the Gentlemen don’t make both an appearance and also an impression on the visitors to the historic site.

Members of The Royal Navy had an encampment on the grounds and even had a mail call on Saturday. Sailors received mail from their families from around the world.


The Style Show 2014

Featuring “The White Dress”

Betsy Bashore again brought her historical fashions front and center for the style show. Taken from extant examples in museums and colorplates, Bashore and friends show off the best of the best dressed at The Jane Austen Festival.

This year four of the women involved in the style show focused on the white dress. Each started with the same material - a white swiss dot cotton, and brought their talents to the stage in a variety of looks. Each one undertook the task of making a garment for themselves without consulting with the others. The looks were varied, and all were beautiful.

The theme of the white dress was carried on too in the rest of the show. According to Bashore just as “the little black dress” became a staple in women’s wardrobes in the 1950s, a white dress was the staple in the Regency period. “White was simple to launder and easy to care for. It was most often for morning and day wear but was also shown in heavier fabrics for evening wear.” 

One of the highlights of the Style Show is the sharing of information. Bashore encourages, questions, photos, and note taking. No prima donnas here - knowledge is freely shared, patterns and sources given. Not only are the outfits described as in any style show - but here all the details are given. Types of pleats, best sizes for different patterns and more. 

For more detailed information on Betsy’s work visit


It’s always a treat to enter the second floor of the historic home at Locust Grove. For The Jane Austen Festival, Gayle Simmons places her clothing in the perfect historical setting. This year she arranged her mannequins in a timeline throughout the parlor. Beginning with fashions from 1790 and ending around 1818.

Fashions on Display
By Gayle Simmons

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The Festival not only brings women together for shopping and tea but it can be a learning experience for many.

It includes workshops and lectures, authors and book signings, silent auction, demonstrations and entertainment.


Many of the hats featured in the Style Show were created by designer Lydia Fast.


Formal tea is always a big hit with the visitors. This year all of the tea times were sold out before the event even opened.


Archery Demonstration in the Sporting Field

Lace07922 Lace07920

Norah Glickstein (above) demonstrates Bobbin Lace in the main house. An intricate art of weaving the lace is shown in detail at left above. Directly left is a gown edged in white lace. That particular piece of lace was what Norah was making at last years festival.


Dressing Mr. Darcy is a well attended
session at the event.


Louisville JASNA President Bonnie Wise spearheads the event with a team of volunteers.


Lady Caroline Linnington holds court under her open marquis tent.


Additional Photos


The 2014 Promenade

See a video clip of the Promenade which broke the Guinness Book World Record for most people attired in Regency Clothing .

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