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From Ruddles Station To The War of 1812: The Eva Lail Story

Performed by Bonnie Strassell

April 26, 2014 at Fort Boonesborough State Park

Video by Jim Cummings


In 1780 Ruddles Station in Kentucky was captured by the British and Indians. Fourteen year old Eva Lail was among the captives and, along with her two young brothers, was taken to the Shawnee village at the mouth of the Mad River in the Ohio country.

Eva ran the gauntlet and remained with the Shawnee until the end of the Revolutionary War. She returned to Kentucky, rebuilt her life and struggled with her fears as another war threatened to tear her world asunder.

Listen as Eva Lail describes the turbulent years of early America. Share her sorrows over her losses and her joy on finding new love; and in the end, discover a strong determined woman, who like hundreds of thousands of others, crossed the mountains into the wilderness of Kentucky and helped open the door to freedom.

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