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Headlines 2014

Fort Christmas 14

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December 5 & 6th brought “A Frontier Christmas” to Fort Boonesborough in Richmond, KY. The fort was lit by candlelight and hundreds of visitors toured the fort over the 2 night event. Volunteers and re-enactors manned the cabins and offered a look at different customs from different countries to the fort. In the tavern Blockhouse there were musicians and period games along with refreshments. Click here for photos and newsreel!

Veterans Day 14

  • Veteran's Day 2014
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We celebrated Veteran’s Day with a trip to the Louisville, KY Veteran’s Day Parade. First Photos Now loaded! In the afternoon we followed up with the dedication of the Louisville Vietnam Memorial. A touching story of one man’s quest to bring back the memorial that he had helped dedicate in 1983.


Veteran’s Day - November 11.

Thank A Veteran

Honor Flight Bluegrass   Oct 2, 2014

In honor of Veteran’s Day we bring you a photo story of The Honor Flight that made the trip with WW II, Korean and Viet Nam Veterans to Washington D.C. in October. The Honor Flight Program is a non profit endeavor started in 2005 to see that our aging WW II veterans get a chance to see their Memorial. The Memorial was built in 2004 at a time when many of these men and woman no longer have the ability to travel easily. The Honor Flight Program takes care of all expenses and logistics. As space is available other Veterans that apply can also make the trip.

Each time an Honor Flight returns - hundreds of people welcome them home. See the story and video.


Fall 18th Century Market Fair at Historic Locust Grove

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It was a beautiful fall weekend at historic Locust Grove. Re-enactors and visitors shared history as they walked the grounds, shopped from the vendors and enjoyed the day. Photos Now Posted!

History In Our Own Backyard

The Belle of Louisville Celebrates 100!


With a week long celebration and visiting paddlewheelers the Belle of Louisville celebrated 100 Years in style. See the celebration and the boats that came for the party. Click here for photos!

Days of Knights 2014

Days of Knights 14 Cube

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Frankfort, Kentucky hosted the 3rd Annual Days of Knights Event on October 11th and 12th. Far more than a renaissance fair the event featured education as it’s main focus. All photos now loaded!

The Commemoration of the Battle of Perryville 1862

Pville Cube 14

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October brings the annual Civil War Battle at Perryville also known as The Battle of Chaplin Hills. Although a chilly weekend, re-enactors and spectators gathered at the battlefield to commemorate the over 7,000 wounded that fought here. In addition to being one of the most pristine Civil War Battlefields in the nation, Perryville has an active database of the wounded and dead that served here. Photos Now Loaded including new art prints.

The Long Run Massacre


It was perfect weather for The Painted Stone Settlers Long Run Massacre Re-Enactment. The event is now in it’s 16th year. Friday’s School Program saw 672 children through the gates to visit 23 stations. Additional photos now loaded!

The Siege of Fort Boonesborough 1778


Fort Boonesborough hosted it’s annual “Siege of Boonesborough” on Saturday and Sunday September 27-28. Crowds were excellent, the fort was filled with demonstrators of 18th century skills and the re-enactment took place at 2 pm followed by a traditional Cherokee Wedding ceremony at 3:30. All photos now loaded.

The Fair at New Boston


The Fair at New Boston took place over Labor Day Weekend in Springfield, OH. Sutlers, food vendors, demonstrators and entertainment fascinated the large crowds.
 All photos now loaded. Enjoy!


The Battle of Blue Licks Commemoration 2014

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Re-Enactors gathered on August 16-17 for the commemoration of The Battle of Blue Licks. It is often called the last Revolutionary War battle in Kentucky. But most importantly is was a disastrous defeat for the militia of Kentucky. Indians attacked Bryan’s Station near Lexington and headed north toward Ohio. They stopped and set an ambush along the Licking River. As the Kentuckians pursued them the battle ensued. Kentucky lost nearly 70 men on August 19, 1782.

 Photos Now Loaded 
Photos of the Museum coming soon!

Oldham County Colonial Trade Faire
features Painting Unveiling


Richard Luce, frontier artist was commissioned by Oldham County, Kentucky Judge Executive David Voegele to paint a work to commemorate the post-Revolutionary War era of the county. The painting is titled The Founding of Harmony Landing. The painting will hang in the Oldham County Fiscal Court Building. Luce (period dress) and Voegele are at right in the photo.

In addition to the painting unveiling, there were period vendors, book signings, cannon demonstrations and more at the 2 day event . Click here for photos of the faire and a look at the painting.

A Complete Look at The 2014
Jane Austen Festival


The 7th Annual Jane Austen Festival took place July 19 & 20th, at Historic Locust Grove in Louisville, KY. All photos and video now loaded.

The Civil War Fort at Boonesboro


Union Soldiers from the 12th US Colored Heavy Artilliry (Reactiviated) visited the Civil War Fort at Boonesboro on May 17, 2014 along with visitors and other period demonstrators. Click here for photos!


McConnell Springs Celebrates
Founders Day 2014


In June 1775, William McConnell and his fellow frontier explorers camped at a natural spring in the wilderness of the Virginia territory known as Kentucky. Word came from nearby Fort Boonesboro that the first battle of the American Revolution had been fought in Lexington, Massachusetts. In honor of the battle, the group named their future settlement “Lexington”. And on May 17, 2014 folks came together to celebrate this event. Click Here for Photos!

To Clothe A

 Family -Women on the Frontier 2014


Women and their families participated in the 10th Annual Women on the Frontier at Fort Boonesborough State Park. Here participants take a piece of fabric from a dye pot - with a dye made from osage orange. Click here for photos!

Colonial Days at
Bardstown, Kentucky


Settlers faced a raid at the Pioneer Village, A Canon boomed at the Wickliffe mansion and visitors were treated to music and other 18th century demonstrations during Colonial Days in Bardstown, KY. The event took place across two venues - Old Bardstown Village (above) and at Wickland Estate - The Home of Three Governors- just a few blocks from each other. 

Photos and Newsreel now loaded. Click Here!


Eva Lail - A Fireside Chat


Storyteller Bonnie Strassell portrayed Eva Lail, a frontier women captured from Ruddle’s Station in 1780 Kentucky. It was a stirring performance of her life.

The performance was originally scheduled at Fort Boonesborough State Park as part of the February Fireside Chats. Inclement weather forced many of the Chats to be canceled in February. The Fort Boonesborough Foundation that sponsors the chats rescheduled Eva Lail for Women on the Frontier Weekend. The evening started with a frontier dinner of Kentucky Burgoo and all of the participants at Women on the Frontier joined in with the visiting public. 


Click here for a short newsreel clip of the performance!


Fort Boonesborough celebrated Memorial Day with it’s annual Spring Trade Days events. Sutlers and visitors enjoyed the beuatiful weekend with trading, bartering, music and more. Click here for photos!

18th Century Thunder at Historic Locust Grove


Photos and Newsreel of the spring event at Historic Locust Grove. Soldiers from the Illinois Regiment visit the site and treat the children to a day in their ranks. Now Loaded!

Painted Stone Settlers Host Henry Clay


Henry Clay is portrayed by George McGee

Shelbyville, KY On April 3, 2014 Kentucky’s Statesman, Henry Clay presented his life’s story to a diverse crowd at the Shelby County Library. Living History group The Painted Stone Settlers host a free program each April during their monthly meeting. Clay’s performance was one of a kind as he engaged the audience in helping him portray various figures from his colorful life. Photos and Newsreel now loaded!

Civil War Mini Series to use Kick Starter to raise $2.5 Million

To Appomattox 2

After unsuccessfully promoting this project for 12 years, veteran TV and film writer Michael Frost Beckner launches the project April 16, 2014 on the creative fund raising site - Kickstarter. Beckner hopes to raise enough to produce the first two episodes of the miniseries. Beckner has signed on a group of talented actors and behind the scene folks - pending the project getting off the ground. Visit the website at

Daniel Boone at
Fort Boonesborough

02 01 14_2116a

The first Fireside Chat with Daniel Boone portrayed by Scott New was held at Fort Boonesborough State Park on February 1st. It was the only evening of dinner and entertainment to take place in 2014 since weather forced the cancellations of the rest of the programs.

 See photos of this chat.

Capital City Museum celebrates the 50th Anniversary of The March on Frankfort

Civil Rights584

Frankfort, KY The Capital City Museum has added a changing exhibits gallery. The first exhibit debuted in March and is a photo exhibit of the Civil Rights March that took place in 1964. Guest speakers were activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and baseball great Jackie Robinson. Photos now posted - click here.

History in Your Own Backyard

The Louisville Water Tower Museum - Opened March 1, 2014

The winter of 2014 will go down in the record books for cold temperatures, record snowfalls and unseasonable weather in usually warmer parts of the country.

It will go down in our own personal record book as the longest time span with out taking photos or visiting an historic venue.

So when the weather broke on Saturday, cameras in hand we visited the new Louisville Water Company Museum. Around the Greek Revival Column are 8 figures of early Greek mythology and one lone figure of an American Indian. The tower was built in 1857.

Additional Photos of the outside of the Water Tower.


Rediscovering History in 2014

After a 2013 filled with medical emergencies The Pioneer Times is ready to go for 2014. Watch for us at historical venues and as we take our cameras back on the road. Also watch for new stories and photos from the pages of history and the historical groups we work with. Wishing you and your family a safe and happy 2014. Also invite us to your next historical event by sending us an email.

Let Us Help You Promote History!

A Glimpse at Railroad History

Christmas always brings a revived interest in trains. Boys and trains have been linked with Christmas for many, many years. This year we visited the American Railroading Museum located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio in the Entertrainment Junction.


The museum tells the story of how train travel changed the face of the United States. The first trains were seen in England around 1800. The “Tom Thumb” was the first American built and designed steam engine. It was built by Peter Cooper in 1830. (Photo below). From that time forward the American landscape began to change. From a nation of small unlinked self sufficient farming communities, the rail system began making travel and goods accessible to the common man. The ability to get foodstuffs to markets all across the country in record time changed the lifestyle of most Americans.

Building the railroads created jobs on a scale never before seen. The westward movement tied with the Industrial Revolution saw growth in many areas including the steel industry. The first canal to transport goods had started in 1817 and was completed in 1825. But it’s life was short. By 1835 railroads had taken the country by storm. Railroads transported goods and people.


History Through


In December we visited some train exhibits for the Christmas Season. It started us taking a second look at other railroad exhibits and museum and exhibits that show history through miniature train displays. 

See Cincinnati History Museum’s exhibits - Cincinnati in Motion and Cincinnati Goes to War by clicking here.

Telegraph lines which had been unreliable before (because they needed to cross miles of open territory) now sprang up alongside the rail lines and were often maintained by the rail companies. By the 1860 and the Civil War era, railroads were a key element in the War between the states. 

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